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    PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control 15 Level Mem Waterproof Dog 1pc

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    Product description

    The Rechargeable Bark Collar allows you to train your dog without the hassle of stocking up on batteries. The built-in temperament learning of this collar adapts to how frequently your furry friend barks. For example, when your dog barks, he will receive the lowest level of correction from the collar. If he continues barking, the correction level will increase, but if he remains quiet, the levels of correction will automatically reduce. Your dog will never be corrected because of another dog’s bark or a loud outside noise because the dual detection technology in this collar must sense both vibration and sound before correcting. Because the correction is immediate and consistent, your dog will learn to associate his barking with a correction and change his behavior within as little as 2 weeks. That’s a win for you, your dog and your neighbors! Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.

    System Includes:

    • Rechargeable Bark Collar & Adjustable Strap
    • Test Light Tool
    • Charging USB Adaptor
    • Quick Start Guide

    Additional features

    Suitable for all dogs.
    Rechargeable Bark Collar & Adjustable Strap
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    PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control 15 Level Mem Waterproof Dog 1pc

    $159.99 CAD

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