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    The Benefits of PORK Dog Treats for Your Furry Friend: 

    Pork liver is an excellent source of high-quality protein, essential nutrients, and vitamins. Some of the critical benefits of pork liver dog treats include:

    – High-quality protein: Pork liver provides a complete amino acid profile, which helps maintain strong muscles, a healthy immune system, and overall well-being.
    – Rich in vitamins and minerals: Pork liver is a natural source of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, B, iron, and zinc, which support various body functions, including immune system health, energy metabolism, and red blood cell production.
    – Low in fat: Compared to other organ meats, pork liver is relatively low in fat, making it a suitable treat option for dogs with weight management needs


    100% PORK LIVER

    Nutritional Info

    "Uses 100% human-grade protein - PORK LIVER
    Rich in natural vitamins and minerals
    Dehydrated for long periods of time - no preservatives of chemicals used
    Suitable for dogs of all life stages, breeds and great to use for spoiling or training"


    Yappetizers treats are as pure as you can get. All of the meats and fish used are 100% human-grade. No needless fillers, additives, color, or preservatives are used in the making of these treats.

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    $9.99 CAD

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