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    High Quality Proteins: The amino acids the protein provides are required for maintaining muscle, tissue repair, hormone synthesis, and other daily metabolic processes.

    Product description

    Our Boréal canned cat foods are 95% meat and are designed to have almost no carbohydrate to lower the risk of unwanted weight gain. Our Red Tuna series is made with dark muscle red tuna meat and like all our canned cat foods a free of cereals, grains, artificial colour or added salt.

    Our wet cat food contains high quality protein, proper moisture levels, low phosphorous and low sodium.

    All the catches of ocean fish have been safe for turtles and dolphins. All seafood ingredients from certified suppliers – free of child labour.


    Additional features

    Our pâté canned cat food recipes are made in small portions to ensure freshness and quality.
    No artificial flavors or preservatives are added to our pâté recipes.
    The first ingredient of this pâté canned cat food recipe is meat. It provides all the essential elements and is easier for your cat to digest.


    Ingredients: The main ingredient is red meat (dark muscle meat) tuna. The Boréal wet line is topped with chicken, shrimp, whitefish, carrots and peas in gravy. All cans contain over 95% meat and are use low glycemic index ingredients, are grain free and byproduct free.

    Tuna, Tuna Broth, Sunflower Oil, Tricalcium phosphate, Xanthan gum, Tapioca, Vitamins and Minerals (Choline chloride, Potassium chloride, Taurine, Vitamin C, Copper Chelate, Manganese Chelate, Vitamin B1, Iron Chelate, Zinc Chelate, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin A supplement, Niacin supplement , Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6,Vitamin E supplement, Vitamin K3 supplement, Folic acid, Iodine, Biotin supplement, Vitamin B12 supplement, Vitamin D3 supplement)

    Nutritional Info

    Protein (min.) 15%
    Fat (min.) 2%
    Fiber (max.) 2 – 4%
    Ash (max.) 2%
    Moisture (max.) 76.5 – 78.5%

    Feeding Guidelines

    With our recommended 16.6 gm (.6 oz.) per 450 gm (.45lbs) of cat body weight per day:

    85gm (2.8 oz.) can would be suitable for 2.3 kg (5.1lbs) of cat body weight per day
    156gm (5.5 oz.) can would be suitable for 4.3 kg (9.4lbs) of cat body weight per day


    The Red Tuna line is not produced in Canada but in Thailand. It is produced in a facility that also produces food for humans, which is marketed all over the world including Canada. The Manufacturing plant uses processing methods that meet international human-grade food standards and adheres to strict international certified labour laws and fishing practice methods. Boréal is a family owned Canadian company with a focus on improving the health of our pets with low glycemic ingredient diets. While we usually source our products from Canadian suppliers, we are adding these single serving sized cat food diets as a complement to our current Canadian produced lineup.

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    $2.99 CAD

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