Other Rewards Benefits

Refer a Friend

Refer your friend. You will earn 75 points and referred person will earn 50 points on any order placed.

Birthday Gift + Points

Register your pets birthday and earn 50 points and a free Gourmet treat on your Pet birthday Month.

Works with Current Frequent Buyer Program

Your Current frequent buyers will be all same and now you earn points as well.

Subscribe + Like

Subscribe to our youtube channel for an additional 500 points.

Freebies in every order

Members get freebies in every order.

Fine Print

1. Onlyone reward voucher for cash can be redeemed at a time/per transaction.

2. Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails may alter or edit details of Rewards or tiers at anytime.

3. Tier Memberships are earned by a minimum 12 months spend of $1500 (Bronze), $2500 (Gold) and $4,500 (Diamond)

4. 10 points per every dollar Reward is free and eligible to everyone with an email signup.

5.These options are required for customers that spend on brighteyesbuahytails.com