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At Wellness we have made it our mission for over a decade to provide pet parents with a variety of thoughtful nutritional choices to create a foundation of well being from the inside out. Try our complete line of dry foods, and wet foods to provide just what your feline companion needs for a happy, healthy, long life. more info

Go! Natural's healthy and delicious formulas are made with juicy cuts of fresh human grade de-boned Chicken Meat, fresh West Coast Wild Salmon, and a host of other fresh human grade meat protein sources. more info

NOW! is a unique dry pet food that combines the unaltered goodness of raw meats with the convenience of a dry kibble, slow cooked in small batches for unsurpassed taste! more info

Summit premium pet foods are developed for consumers who recognize the value in feeding their pets superior ingredients. Our “Premium” canine and feline Meat and Rice diets contain only quality ingredients and balanced Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, with No Artificial Colors, No chemicals, No Soy, No Whole Corn! You can be assured less cleanup while your pet enjoys a life of healthy eating. more info

We are an award-winning, family-owned and operated Canadian pet food maker with a tradition of innovation & quality spanning more than a quarter century. We use fresh regional ingredients to produce Biologically Appropriate foods that promote the peak health of dogs & cats. more info

DOGS AND CATS ARE EVOLVED AS CARNIVORES AND DESPITE A MODERN LIFESTYLE THEIR ANATOMY REMAINS UNCHANGED. That's why we formulate ACANA with the same variety of fresh meats that cats and dogs would eat in their natural environment - keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of today's companion pet often means a reduced calorie requirement. more info

Selecting the best natural pet food for your cat isn't easy. More and more, consumers are looking for a natural pet food they can truly trust. At FROMM, we understand this and we only offer pet foods that are uncompromised in their superior quality ingredients and their effectiveness. more info

After spending our lifetimes working with animals Hugh and I knew we could do better. The result is our new Boréal line of pet food, providing you with a balanced, thoughtful grain-free solution so your dog or cat can eat a diet similar to what their ancestors ate. Canadian made using only the best ingredients.  more info

Our goal is not to simply make another pet food in the ever-confusing world of pet nutrition, we choose to make a exemplary pet food driven by a passion focused on animal well-being and accountability for sourcing and manufacture care. Each bag of Horizon pet food is a reflection of who we are and how we approach life, so we can't help but make the best food possible for our family, and yours.  more info

Based in Burbank, California, Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods® was founded in 1989 with the philosophy of providing pets and their owners The Food For a Lifetime®. Our goal was to create pet food based on sound scientific principles and nutritional truths. We are proud to offer a wide selection of premium dog and cat foods that are used and respected worldwide by top trainers, rescues and caring pet owners who want the very best for their pets.  more info

Our formulas are produced in a human food facility using many of the ingredients and processes that are used in products made for people. Our base proteins of chicken, beef and fish include only top quality muscle meat, such as white breast chicken, whole tuna loins and select cuts of beef. Then we add fresh vegetables and other unique items such as Grilld skipjack, tilapia and red bigeye tuna, as well as calamari and shirasu. Our ingredients maintain a natural look and recognizable texture which allows the pet owner to see and understand the ingredients…so what you see is what you get!   more info

At Stella & Chewy’s, we have a long-standing commitment to animal welfare and contributing to the health and well-being of pets. Our company was inspired by the health challenges of a sick dog who was rescued from a shelter and required special attention. So no matter how big our growing business gets, our responsible-giving efforts will always be firmly rooted in the company’s values. We’re passionate about using our company, our products and our knowledge to impact the lives of animals who need help.  more info

We developed our food with a nutrient profile that mimics the natural prey for cats and dogs, which is commonly referred to as Biologically Appropriate. We use healthy broth to process our prevention and treatment formulas for all life stages.  more info

Almo Nature has always proposed an alternative, simple and rigorous nutritional philosophy and focuses its production on the quality of ingredients.  This is why Almo Nature has chosen not to produce “curative” or special-purpose food. We simply offer high quality food which can preserve the physical and mental wellbeing of cats.  more info

Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails carries a large line of healthy and delicious pet treats, you can even come in and buy by bulk form our treats tins!


Our recipes have all been certified to meet the standards set by AAFCO (Association Of American Feed Control Officials, Inc., the council which regulates the quality and safety of pet food in the United States) to be "Complete and Balanced for all life stages". Currently, we are the only Canadian made raw pet food which has managed to obtain this certification.   more info