• Kills fleas rapidly
  • May reduce flea allergy dermatitis.
    The successive feeding activity of fleas on pets may elicit a hypersensitivity skin disorder known as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). Infestop™ Topical Solution rapidly kills fleas and may reduce the incidence of this condition (FAD).
  • Controls fleas within 1 day of treatment
  • Provides flea infestation protection for at least 4 weeks

Twist’n’Use™ Tube -Novel Tamper Evident Applicator:

  • One step: Simple and easy to open & use Tube system which releases an internal pin with a twist of cap
  • Unique applicator to minimize exposure to topical can be applied precisely to the area (Targeted application of the product)
  • No visible rupture points/risk of injury/loose parts
  • Closed/Sealed-no contamination of contents
  • Polyfoil® Premium Protection- High barrier properties (protection to light/moisture/oxygen…)
  • 4 KG & UNDER
  • OVER 4 KG


  • For CATS OVER 4 kg
    3 Tubes × 0.8 mL Each
    (3 Month Supply, Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid 9.1%)
  • For CATS 4 kg and UNDER
    3 Tubes × 0.4 mL Each
    (3 Month Supply, Active Ingredients: Imidacloprid 9.1%)
Weight 0.090 kg


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