Turkey Necks are a lean meaty bone that can be offered as a treat or with a meal.  A nice balance between chew and crunch these bones also help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy!


  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Free Range Turkey
  • Low in Fat
  • Good for big dogs and serious chewers
  • Excellent Dental Benefit
  • Good physical and mental exercise
  • Raw Meaty Bones can make up 30% of entire diet.


Approximate individual weight 190 grams.  Approximately 4 – 6 pieces per bag.


0 – 10 lbs ¼ – ½
10 – 20 lbs ½ – 1
20 – 40 lbs 1 – 2 ½
40 – 80 lbs 2 – 4 1
80 lbs + 4+ 2

Keep raw bones frozen until ready to use.

To thaw, we recommend thawing in a refrigerator for at least 6 to 12 hrs.  Once thawed we recommend serving within 3 days. Not intended for human consumption.

Raw bones may pose a potential hazard to dogs and cats. Always supervise your pet when feeding raw bones. Safe chewing technique for meal bones should involve the use of the whole mouth including back molars, chewing side to side before consuming.

TIP: Handfeeding is a training technique to prevent gulping. Hold the raw bone in one hand, teaching them to chew with the side of their mouth to enjoy the treat before swallowing. Offering raw bones frozen may also help to prevent gulping from eager eaters, and will extend the chew time for a more enjoyable chew.


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